Entronomy is an alternative rock project by Kenny Carlile and Steven Poole. The album Evolve From Chaos was released on May 20, 2016. Steven performed all vocals on the album, some instruments, and he wrote two songs and co-wrote a third. Kenny performed most of the instrumentation on the album and wrote eight songs and co-wrote a ninth. Kenny and Steven recorded, mixed, and mastered the album.


Genre Release Date
Kenny Carlile - Friends Don't Lie Friends Don't Lie Soundtrack, Electronic
The Astronomer The Astronomer Ambient, Soundtrack, Electronic
Lake MacDonald Lake MacDonald Acoustic, Celtic, Fingerstyle
Castlerock Castlerock Acoustic, Celtic, Fingerstyle
Glasgow Nights Glasgow Nights Electronic, Techno
Spots And Stripes Spots And Stripes Electronic, Pop
The Protector The Protector Ambient, Electronic
Cricket Score Cricket Score Electronic, Pop, Soundtrack
Crystalline Cavern Crystalline Cavern Ambient, Electronic

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