Recommended Guitar and Bass Pedal Ordering

Submitted by Kenny on Thu, 09/26/2019 - 21:33

I often find myself in discussions with friends about effects pedal order for guitar and bass. Now that my kid has started playing guitar and is getting into pedals, I realized that I didn't have a good go-to resource for the topic. I decided to write my own article on the subject, not because I have something fundamentally different to say than other people, but because I think I have a better way of presenting the information.

Building the Beast - Custom DIY Guitar Effects Pedalboard

Submitted by Kenny on Thu, 09/17/2015 - 23:02

I love guitar effects pedals. Oh mah science, do I love guitar pedals. I love 'em! Give me more! It's a bit of an addiction. I've had a lot, I still have a lot, and I want more. Pedals, pedals, PEDALS! I think you're starting to see the picture here: pedals = good. :)

This is the story of my latest guitar effects pedalboard build, including the successes and failures.

New Boxer Puppies Have Their Own YouTube Channel

Submitted by Kenny on Thu, 04/24/2014 - 16:24

After the tragic loss of our last two Boxers within 2 weeks of each other, we knew we had to fill our home and our lives with new dogs. We knew that puppies, while a lot of work, were the best option for getting dogs to fit with our home, our cats, and our livestyle since we could shape and mold them as they grew. We found two beautiful new puppies in Bonney Lake, WA at TKO Boxers. Our puppies, Paizley (female, brindle) and Pepsy (male, fawn), were born to Ohana and Makhai in February of 2014.

Jim Dunlop Eric Johnson Classic Jazz III Picks

Submitted by Kenny on Tue, 02/08/2011 - 00:31

When I was 17, my jazz choir teacher introduced me to the Jim Dunlop Jazz III guitar pick (in black, incidentally). From then on, I was hooked. When I wasn't strumming or swinging my whole arm for Texas bluesy goodness, I had a black or red Jazz III in my hand. It was especially great for jazz as I could hybrid pick for comping...that was before I even know what hybrid picking was.

Fast forward a nearly a decade and a half.

Drupal - Getting Clean URLs To Work With GoDaddy Shared Hosting

Submitted by Kenny on Fri, 04/23/2010 - 23:38
Web Development

If you're using GoDaddy for your web hosting and you've installed Drupal on your shared hosting (Economy, Deluxe, or Unlimited hosting plans), then you may have run into the issue where you can't enable Clean URLs for Drupal. Fortunately, there's an easy fix. Unfortunately, the fix is so easy, I'm not sure why GoDaddy hasn't fixed this.

In your FTP client or the file browser in GoDaddy's tools, navigate to the root where your Drupal instance has been installed and look for your .htaccess file. Look for this important line, noted in red:

WordPress - Making Yoast Breadcrumbs Behave Like A Good Boy

Submitted by Kenny on Sun, 04/04/2010 - 00:38

I mentioned in a recent post (okay, very recent) that Yoast Breadcrumbs needed some tweaking to get it to behave the way I wanted it to. This post will outline the changes that I made to my theme to get Yoast Breadcrumbs to cooperate.

First, check to see if the plugin is installed and enabled. If it is, let's get the output from the plugin: