About Me

Kenny Carlile

Hey, that's me!

  • I'm a Senior Product Owner for the web layer of Acquia's Cloud Hosting product
  • I'm a husband and a father
  • I have two dogs: Paizley and Pepsy, Boxer siblings
  • I play guitar and collect music gear
  • I also collect Lego brick sets
  • I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest
  • I love tacos and cookies

Lego Collection

A partial listing of my Lego collection can be found here:

Brickset Connect Drupal 8 Module

Brickset Connect is a Drupal 8 module I've created that allows content creators to connect to the Brickset.com API V2 for importing information about Lego sets as stored in the Brickset database. This module defines:

  • Configuration for connecting to the Brickset.com API
  • A content type for storing set information
  • A mechanism for importing set information and creating nodes based on a set number
  • A view for listing imported set numbers, suitable for exporting set numbers
  • A searchable view for listing set details, suitable for searching sets


Flash Chord

Check out my project Flash Chord where you can practice chords, scales, or arpeggios with an endless stream of randomized chords!

It's an open source project, so you can contribute if you'd like to help.

Flash Chord.com

To stay updated on the latest with Flash Chord, be sure to follow us on Twitter  @Flash_Chord.

Listen to Entronomy

Entronomy - Evolve From Chaos

Check out Entronomy - Evolve From Chaos, the album I released with my friend Steve.

Listen to my Solo Music

Latest Blog Post

Hot-rodding the Hot Rod - 2011 Fender American Nashville B-Bender Upgrades

Category: Guitars

Back in the mid-2000s, I fell in love with the idea of a Fender Telecaster with a B-Bender, but I didn't want to have someone put a B-Bender in an existing Tele for a couple of reasons (cost, heavily modifying a stock guitar, etc.). Fender made the American Nashville B-Bender Telecaster, but it was out of my price range at the time and then they discontinued it. BUT THEN they brought it back in 2011! I jumped on the opportunity and my lovely, wonderful, thoughtful wife agreed to get it for me for Christmas and my birthday (they fall really close together and I often combine gifts to get something bigger). I had to wait a few months, but it finally arrived and it was fantastic!

Must-do Mods and Costmetics

I wanted to do a few things to customize it to my own preferences. First, like all of my Fenders, I put installed straplocks because I'm terrified of my guitars falling when the strap slips off. Second, I like all of my Fenders to have white pearl pickguards and black pickup covers. That look is kinda my signature style for my Fenders. This guitar already came with a white pearl pickguard, so I just had to add a black pickup cover for the middle pickup.

2011 Fender American Nashville B-Bender Telecaster with upgraded costmetics

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