About Me

Kenny Carlile

Hey, that's me!

  • I'm a Product Owner for the web layer of Acquia's Cloud Hosting product.
  • I'm a husband and a father.
  • I play guitar and collect music gear.
  • I also collect Lego brick sets.
  • I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.
  • I love tacos and cookies.

Lego Collection

A partial listing of my Lego collection can be found here:

Brickset Connect Drupal 8 Module

Brickset Connect is a Drupal 8 module I've created that allows content creators to connect to the Brickset.com API V2 for importing information about Lego sets as stored in the Brickset database. This module defines:

  • Configuration for connecting to the Brickset.com API
  • A content type for storing set information
  • A mechanism for importing set information and creating nodes based on a set number
  • A view for listing imported set numbers, suitable for exporting set numbers
  • A searchable view for listing set details, suitable for searching sets

Listen to Entronomy

Entronomy - Evolve From Chaos

Check out Entronomy - Evolve From Chaos, the album I released with my friend Steve.


Listen to my Solo Music

Latest Blog Post

Drupal Module - Brickset Connect 8.x-1.0-alpha1 released

Category: Web Development

I've published the first release (8.x-1.0-alpha1) of a Drupal 8 module I've been on which I've been work for a couple of months. Brickset Connect allows a user to connect to the Brickset.com API and query Lego set information about a given set number and create a node with that data and associated images in the Drupal site in which the module is installed.

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