When I was 17, my jazz choir teacher introduced me to the Jim Dunlop Jazz Picks guitar pick (in black, incidentally). From then on, I was hooked. When I wasn’t strumming or swinging my whole arm for Texas bluesy goodness, I had a black or red Jazz III in my hand. It was especially great for jazz as I could hybrid pick for comping…that was before I even know what hybrid picking was.

Fast forward a nearly a decade and a half.

I’ve been a fan of Eric Johnson for many years and I knew that he played Jazz IIIs as well, although he only likes red. I like red or black, just to mix it up. Anyway, a little while ago, Jim Dunlop introduces the Eric Johnson Classic Jazz III pick to fulfill Eric’s preference for the older Jazz IIIs that had a slightly different finish. These new versions are not only less glossy for better grip, but they are also slightly larger than the more modern Jazz IIIs.

I recently bought a pack of the new Eric Johnson Classic Jazz III picks at my local guitar center on a whim to see how different they are. WOW! I was really impressed. The slightly bigger feel is hardly visible, but it feels significant. Also, the embossed lettering on the pick is thinner and more raised. The modified lettering in combination with the duller finish gives the pick a sandpaper-like feeling that is just right for grip without being annoying.

My only complaint with the modern Jazz IIIs were that they would sometimes slip because they are so small, but these new (old…reissue?) Classic Jazz IIIs are just about perfect. Eric Johnson knows his stuff. Go pick up a pack today and see how they improved on the best pick!

Jim Dunlop Eric Johnson Classic Jazz III