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Freestyle scootering information for parents and kids.

Thanks for visiting my new website dedicated to providing a resource to the parents of scooter kids. My name is Kenny Carlile (ScooterDad) and Paxton Swygard is my step-son and scooter kid. As the parent of a scooter kid, I’ve spent the last few years trying to get up to speed on the ins and outs of the scooter industry and its culture to help give my kid every advantage I can in pursuing his dreams and his love of scootering. My wife and I have learned a lot through trial and error, as well as getting help from friends and people in the industry.

Much of the information you need to know is tribal knowledge that is passed down informally. It can be challenging to determine what you need to know if you are new to the sport and lifestyle. I hope that this website can be a valuable resource for parents and kids who are just beginning their own freestyle scooter journey. In no time, you’ll be telling your kid how “legit” his friends are, how “dialed” his scooter is, and how “steezy” he rides. Yeah, he’s gonna roll his eyes at you when you say that. ;o)

Thanks again for stopping by!