Flash Chord - Practice chords, scales, or arpeggios with an endless stream of randomized chords!

I’ve recently published a new project called Flash Chord (at FlashChord.com) which is a web-based tool for practicing chords, scales, and arpeggios against an endless stream of randomized chords.

I’ve used various backing tracks and other tools, like iReal Pro, for practicing chords and scales, but those tools require you to enter the chords ahead of time or use a pre-built track for practicing. This is great, but it allows you to fall into patterns of comfort without really challenging you to learn every part of your instrument. I couldn’t find any tools that I thought met all the requirements for which I was looking, so I decided to create Flash Chord as a free web-based tool that would work for any instrument to help musicians practice.

Flash Chord is configurable for various difficulty options which makes it usable for all levels of musicians. Configuration options include:

  • Tempo
  • Bars per chord
  • Time signature
  • Key
  • Chord types
  • Chord extensions
  • Toggle rare enharmonic equivalents (C♭, B♯, F♭, E♯)
  • Toggle next chord
  • Toggle audible metronome
  • Toggle visual metronome

Flash Chord is also an open source project on GitHub, so if you’d like to help contribute in any way (code, testing, documentation, etc.), please head over there and get involved.

To stay updated on the latest with Flash Chord, be sure to follow us on Twitter  @Flash_Chord.