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My Lego Collection's Lifecycle
Published: Sunday, June 19, 2022
Category: bricks
Whenever I talk to people about my Lego collection, I’m frequently asked what I do with it, especially since I buy so may new and new old stock (NOS) sealed sets. So, to address those questions and provide a more visual explanation, I’ve written this blog post to explain the lifecycle of sets and... Read more >>
Wolfpack Hideout: Look What I Found!
Published: Tuesday, February 25, 2020
Category: bricks
Description The Wolfpack has struck gold! The bandit returns to the hideout and surprises the leader with an unexpected treasure! Theme: Castle Size: 8x8x12 Date Completed: February 25, 2020 Presentations: Submitted to Castle/Pirates category at Bricks Cascade 2020 Read more >>
Chad Chillin' at the Laundromat
Published: Monday, February 24, 2020
Category: bricks
Description Chad is all out of clean clothes, so he’s just hanging out in his underoodles at the laundromat, enjoying a mocha-frappa-latté-chino, and waiting for the washer and dryer to finish. Take it easy, Chad. Theme: City Size: 8x8x12 Date Completed: February 24, 2020 Presentations: ... Read more >>
Arms Dealer
Published: Sunday, February 23, 2020
Category: bricks
Description The “Arms Dealer” is a specialty shop where Lego people (and robots) can shop for replacement arms and hands. Features include: display mannequins, merchandising and product displays, cash wrap, limited edition items, security camera, business office, wacky inflatable waving arm guy,... Read more >>