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Ask ScooterDad - Volume 1

Not every question or topic is broad enough for an entire article. Some topics are very specialized or have very short answers, but I’d still like to help where I can. I’ve scanned the Google keyword searches resulting in hits to ScooterDad and I’ve identified some questions that I can answer quickly in the lightning round of blog posts, Ask ScooterDad.

How do I get sponsored by Lucky Scooter Parts / Lil’ Luckys?

Practice, practice, practice, compete, compete, compete, have a good attitude, and learn how to promote yourself through videos, photos, and websites. Also, practice, practice, practice. And compete, compete, compete. Did I mention that you should have a good attitude? There’s no magic way to get sponsored. You have to earn the sponsorship, no matter who you’re applying to. Show them why you deserve to be sponsored. Look for an upcoming ScooterDad article on specific tips for getting sponsored.

Can I replace the bars on a Razor Ultra Pro?

Yes, you absolutely can! If you’re only replacing the bars, look for standard size bars (1 1/8” inner diameter, 1 1/4” outer diameter) with a slit for clamping to your forks. If you want non-standard size bars or if you want to add something else like a different headset, fork, or clamp, then it gets more complicated depending on what you want.

Can I shorten the bars on a Razor Ultra Pro?

Definitely. Any bars that are solid steel or aluminum (not adjustable) can be cut and modified to work at a shorter height. There may be an exception, but I can’t think of one at this time.

Do any competitions have scooter events?

Since freestyle scootering is a relatively small sport, you’re mostly going to find scooter events that are run by scooter people rather than part of larger events, such as skateboard or BMX competitions. Check with other scooter riders in your area and be sure to follow Impact Scooter News and Inside Scooters for the latest information.

How tall are Fuzion Elite handlebars?

Stock bars on a Fuzion Elite are 21.5” high by 18” wide.

How can I tell which bearing in my scooter wheel is starting to go bad?

Remove your wheel from your scooter and spin the wheel in your fingers while holding on to the bearings. If you feel it slowing, grinding, wobbling, or doing anything else other than operating smoothly, it’s probably time to replace your bearings. Don’t worry about which one is going bad. Just replace all of your bearings at the same time. If you’re serious about freestyle scootering, do it right and replace all of them. Bearings are cheap as you can get Bones Reds for $16 for an 8 pack, which would be $8 for a complete set of scooter bearings (2 full sets per pack of 16).

How can I lock the folding mechanism on a Razor Pro or other Razor scooter?

If you have the Razor Pro Model, save yourself the hassle and order Inward Scooters’ bolt and plate set for $6 to $16. If you have any other folding scooter, then trying to bolt or weld the folding mechanism is going to be a waste of time. Just keep riding it while you save your money to buy a Razor Ultra Pro.

How can I make my scooter wheel bearings work better?

The best thing you can do to improve your scooter wheel bearings is to install them properly. Check out the ScooterDad article on Tips for Installing Wheel Bearings. Also, replace your bearings with new ones. Never use old, worn bearings, and don’t ride your scooter through dirt, sand, or mud to keep the bearings fresh and clean.

Do I need a bearing spacer with metal core wheels?

You need a bearing spacer with any wheels, even if they are plastic core. Bearing spacers ensure that your bearings can operate properly when you tighten your axle. Always use bearing spacers.

Can you fill in flat spots on wheels?

Nope. Even if you had more urethane and a wheel mold, you’d never get the urethan to bond correctly. Either buy new wheels or resurface them to eliminate the difference between the flat spots and the rest of the wheel. Check out the ScooterDad article on Removing Flat Spots and Resurfacing Scooter Wheels.

Should I wear a helmet when riding a freestyle scooter?

Do you like your brain? Do you like being able to walk and talk do all kinds of cool and interesting things? Action sports are dangerous. We often ride on concrete and around metal copings and rails. You can’t always catch yourself and stop your momentum. If you value your life, all the things you love to do and want to do in the future, and your family and friends, then you should absolutely wear a quality action sports helmet like those from ProTec or Triple-Eight.

How can I remove grip tape from my scooter?

It should peel up fairly easily. If you are very careful and get help from an adult, you can sometimes use a razor blade to help work the tape off. If you need to remove any sticky residue, use an adhesive solvent product like Goof Off or even lighter fluid. Again, be very careful with those products as they are flammable. Get an adult to help you.

Does using the brake on a scooter ruin the wheels?

No, but if you lock up the brake, it will cause the wheel to skid which can result in flat spots. Learn to use the brake sparingly and without locking up the wheel.

Are flex-style brakes or District brakes less effective for stopping?

In some ways, yes. Traditionally, spring brakes (“Did you just say Spring Break?!”) are better for locking up the wheel and stopping the scooter, but they rattle, the spring can break, the bolt can bend, and they are more likely to result in flat spotted wheels if not used properly. While flex-style and District brakes may not be as effective at stopping the wheel, this acts as a kind of ABS system which advanced riders prefer to help with the longevity of wheels.

Why do scooter wheels wear down?

Scooter wheels, like skateboard and inline skate wheels, must maintain a balance between rebound (softness/hardness, measured by durometer, such as 88A or 92A where the higher the number is, the harder the urethane is) and durability. Softer wheels with a lower durometer are smoother, tackier (grippier), and they wear out faster. Harder wheels with a higher durometer are faster and they last longer, but they are more slippery and they are less smooth over rough surfaces. If wheels were hard enough to last the lifetime of a scooter, they would be miserable to ride.